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Unleash the true power of WA Messenger and convert your WhatsApp Messenger into a 24/7 sales machine!

Broadcast personalized messages at scale

(without saving any phone number)


Add 7 different attachments with captions (Images/Videos/PDFs)


Latest Algorithms help avoid WhatsApp Ban


Drive sales like

never before with wa messenger!

How you can use WA Messengereasily broadcast messages to unlimited number of people without even saving any number.

We are the highest-rated and most-loved
WhatsApp Messenger free extension
on Google Chrome Store

Whatsapp messenger to send bulk messages on Chrome Store and reach new customers
Chrome rating of 258 wa messenger
5000 businesses trust WA Messenger
5000 businesses trust WA Messenger

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Trusted by



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Powerful Whatsapp messenger

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Free plan vs Premium plan for wa messenger extension

WA Messenger Extension Features

send personalized messages with wa messenger

Send Personalized Messages

Send personalized wa messages to your subscribers using an Excel file. Delight oneself and bring more conversions.

Tip: Personalization makes customers Feel Being Cared.

Send 7 Attachments with Caption with wa messenger

Send 7 Attachments with Caption

Using WAMessenger - wa sender, sending images/ videos with captions is a piece of cake. You can send up to 7 attachments.

Tip: Increase conversions through offer/discounts images

Connect with new people/customers with wa messenger

Connect with new people/customers

Don't wait for your subscribers or people in your connections to start the conversations as they are already busy with their life. You can send auto links to all your premium subscribers to increase traffic on your web, shop or blog

Priority Support 24/7 with wa messenger

Priority Support 24/7

We give priority support and try to resolve any bug or issue faced in within 24 hours or less. Our customer support team is always on foot to help you in any way possible.

Upload Contacts through Excel Sheet with wa messenger

Upload Contacts through Excel Sheet

Import all of the contacts with a click of a button. Don't waste time in saving each and every number, instead upload a CSV file and send messages directly!

Get Delivery Report with every campaign with wa messenger

Delivery Report

Download delivery report that will show you the status of each message in the form of an excel.

Unsubscribe with a message with wa messenger

Unsubscribe with a message

Don't irritate your customers, give them the freedom to unsubscribe at their will and save yourselves from getting reported and blocked!

Whatsapp Number Checker feature with wa messenger

Whatsapp Number Checker

Free WhatsApp Number Checker Online – Filter Bulk WhatsApp numbers with ease – fast, accurate and secure!

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor feature with WA Messenger

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor

Want to download your Whatsapp group contacts? Our WA Group Extractor will help you to easily retrieve and save your WhatsApp contacts in Excel and Csv.

Don't just take WA messenger's words for Granted!
See what our customers (WA sender) have to say about us!


"Cracked a big corporate deal worth our annual revenue"

This tool has done wonders in growing our business. For any Business, automation is the key. With the WA messenger tool, I was able to achieve it. We have even cracked some international deals using it. Best Customer Support!

happy customers

Kiran Desai
Darshita Electronics

"Never knew  WA Sender could be used in this way!"

I've used WhatsApp for sending personalized messages and Offers and it has been doing wonders for my business! Almost 2x revenue in a year and the majority of the credit goes to WAMessenger. Best WA Sender!

Happy customers wa messenger

Michael Key
Mets Pvt. Ltd.

"My personal Salesperson who works 24x7"

WA Messenger is like my personal Salesperson who works for me throughout the day. The major part of my work is already automated because of it. Totally recommend it! Don't forget to avail 5% Discount coupon I use it every month!

Happy faces wa messenger


  • What are the various methods wa messenger provides to avoid WhatsApp Ban for bulk messaging?
    These are some guidelines we developed with the help of our customers. It will minimize your chances of getting banned: 1) WAM's Time Gap Feature: ⏰ Always use the time gap feature with 20-25 seconds checked ❓to avoid getting banned as it will randomly decide the time to send messages, thus again confusing WhatsApp on spamming and messaging. 2) Option to Unsubscribe message Feature: With our addon “Add Option to Unsubscribe” your recipients will get to message you instead of reporting. This will help save your contact number from getting reported over continuous brand-related messages. Once they Unsubscribe, we won’t be able to send any more messages to them via this extension. 3) Timestamp Feature: Every message should be different from each other. For that we introduced this feature, every message will be forwarded with a time stamp, thus fooling the algorithm causing the WhatsApp ban.
  • What are the various methods as a user you can practice to avoid WhatsApp Ban for bulk messaging?
    As you user you can practice these methods to minimize WhatsApp ban:- 1) 💬 Increase the number of messages sent per day gradually 📈 This will help WhatsApp recognize you as a user and not a bot. For example: send <100 messages on Day 1, then <120 messages on Day 2, and so on. Don’t exceed <500 messages per day. Use multiple numbers if needed to go beyond 500 messages per day. 2) 📵 Never use your official number to send messages on WhatsApp ❌ Buy other numbers and always mention your official number for support purposes. 3) Set up your profile with a proper profile pic, description, and other business info to look as genuine as possible.
  • How to use multiple WhatsApp Web from the same computer?
    Trick for using multiple WhatsApp Web instances on a single computer: Create two Chrome instances on the same computer. Step 1: Create a new browser instance. Step 2: Install WAMessager (WASender) on the new browser instance. Step 3: Login to WhatsApp Web on the new browser by scanning another WhatsApp. If you encounter any difficulties, contact the chat support team for assistance.
  • What are the best practices which I should follow to send messages?
    Best practices for messaging with WAMessager (WASender): Start by sharing an update be with a positive or negative sentiment. Avoid sending a link in the first message as it has lesser chances to be clicked. Provide an option for recipients to opt-out with Unsubscribe Option. Send a link only after they have replied to your message at least once. Request recipients to save your number if they agree to receive updates. Share 90% valuable content and 10% promotional material. Utilize WhatsApp Status to maintain familiarity with your contacts.
  • WhatsApp Web not opening any more! How to Fix?
    Possible reasons for WhatsApp Web issues and potential solutions: Minor hang-up issues: Reload WhatsApp Web to resolve the problem. Slow internet connection: Ensure both mobile and computer have a fast internet connection (minimum 5 Mbps). Browser extensions interference: Create a new browser instance and install WAMessager (WASender) to use WhatsApp Web. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your phone (with backup). Open WhatsApp Web again. If the issue persists, seek further assistance through comments or chat support.
  • What Are the Limitations of the Free Version of wa messenger?
    Capabilities of the free version in whatsapp messenger( best wa sender):- Send up to 50 WhatsApp messages per day. Send customized messages using an excel sheet (CSV file). Utilize WhatsApp Filter to filter numbers in a database. Extract phone numbers from a group. Download delivery reports after sending messages. Control the message queue with the Play/Pause button. Set a random time gap between messages to avoid number blocking. In short there's no limitations just you can send 50 messages a day.
  • If my WhatsApp number is banned, is there a way to get it unbanned?
    Steps to follow if your WhatsApp number gets banned: If it's the first time the number is banned, don't worry excessively. Attempt to log in with the banned number and find the option to submit an appeal. Click on "submit an appeal" and provide a message stating that your number was banned by mistake and requesting unbanning ASAP. Submit the appeal and expect the number to be unbanned within 1 to 48 hours. You want to know more How to avoid WhatsApp Ban?
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